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Customer Review

Dola S.

December 8, 2020

My elderly mother died very unexpectedly from COVID. Fortunately for us, she'd planned for her passing years prior. The funeral home took such good care in making sure that her wishes were carried out. There was one change due to unforeseen circumstances on my mom's part; and they were very upfront with that. I feel like she could not have gotten any better care. I also feel like the family could not have had any better care. They were very sensitive to our family's grief for an unexpected passing of a loved one. Prior to meeting with the funeral home, I was warned about funeral homes, in general, trying to upsell families on what was already planned by the deceased. I can honestly and happily say that such things never took place. For example, my mom did not want to have flowers unless they were sent by others. They didn't have to tell us that. In our grief, they could have sold us anything; but they didn't. They were honest and extremely helpful; and I am extremely grateful, and I know my family is as well.